Below are the links to Ask Alan Anything videos.  Enjoy learning from the one man that has created a lot of program, events and nonprofits that support Indie Authors.

In this episode of Ask Alan Anything Alan talks about 7 predictions for the publishing world expected to happen from now till 2025. He also discusses pre-sales and outlines a six month plan to help any author plan out their pre-order sales. 

In this episode of Ask Alan Anything, Alan talks about a new Canadian report about Libraries and patrons who purchase books. He highlights how the report is important to learn to market your book, while at the same time showing how it does relate to American library patrons and the purchases of their books. 

In this episode of Ask Alan Anything, Alan discusses the concept of too many book sales, WeFiction writing contest and the process of creating an ISBN for your book. If you have a questions about publishing or marketing of a book, please email your question to 

In this episode of Ask Alan Anything, Alan talks about errors that authors commonly due that can hurt them in sales and opportunities. He also talks about book contests and making sure you get value for the entry fee if you win. 

In this Episode of Ask Alan Anything, Alan talks about the changes in the distribution world for books with Baker & Taylor adjusting their system. He also talks about the Authors Marketing Event, Indie Lector Store and many other programs for authors. 

In this episode, Alan talks about distribution of books and the recent changes in the publishing world. He also addresses the Amazon KDP select and why he does not suggest it for authors.