B Alan Bourgeois has been a writer for 30 years and during this time, he has also been a book publisher for 5 years producing 60 books for authors around the world. Since 2011, Bourgeois has also worked with Authors to help develop marketing tools to help them to build a platform that allows them to succeed in their career as a writer.

During this time, Bourgeois continues to see how authors give away their income and rights as writers in a variety of ways. As a published writer himself, he knows the difficulties involved with selling books. From this experience, Bourgeois has begun to work on a concept and platform that will help empower authors to reclaim their income and their power as authors. He is calling it the Authors Revolution.

Authors Revolution is currently in the process of being a book and workshop, with the goal to have it ready for publication in spring 2020. To sign up for more information about the book and to learn from some of the techniques that will be discussed, please send him an email to: Alan@BourgoeisMedia.com  In the meantime, you are welcome to come back to this page often for the latest updates and postings.