“I’m Crazy Great” is a mantra that B. Alan Bourgeois uses to express that while he does things very few people would do, and lives a life that even less would consider living by choice, he is Crazy for doing it, and Great for knowing that it helps others at the same time. It is his way of telling people that all is good, even when it might not appear to be.

I’m Crazy Great is an autobiography of his life that focuses mainly on the years he spent creating non-profit organizations, programs, and events to help Texas authors market their work. He will take you along with him as he deals with being homeless in Austin, Texas. He never allows anyone to know his situation while living a life of servitude for a greater cause. Many people who read his book will agree he is, or was, Crazy during that time. But, was B. Alan Bourgeois Great? Well, we will let history determine that aspect of his life.

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