B Alan Bourgeois has been called many things over the years. Since 2011, when he began to create Texas Authors, Inc., DEAR Texas, Inc., and the Texas Authors Institute of History, Inc., Indie Beacon, DEAR Indie, Indie Authors TV, Indie Beacon Radio, plus many other events and programs, all while he was homeless.

I’m Crazy Great is a mantra that Bourgeois uses to express that while he does things that very few people would do, and to live a life that even less would consider living by choice, he was Crazy and Great at the same time. It was his way of telling people that all was good, even when it might not have been.

I’m Crazy Great is an autobiography of those six years of his life. He will take you along with him as he dealt with being homeless in Austin, Texas, and never letting anyone know of it. While also living a life of servitude for a greater cause. Many people who read this book will agree he is or was crazy during that time. Was he Great? Well, we will let history determine that aspect of his life.

I’m Crazy Great is expected to be released in 2018. To learn more about the book, and to be added to a blog update about the book, please send the author an email to Alan@BourgeoisMedia.com 



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