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My Mission

As a published author, I fully understand the needs of future and current authors. As a former publisher, I recognize the diligent work that is required, and the pressure placed on the publisher to give the author a Voice. My mission is to empower the author, so they may choose a path best suited for them, while still earning a fair living doing their craft.

My Values

I lived a life full of conflict and joy and understand that balance and peace is the key to anyone’s success and achieving their goals. I work hard to help authors to build a strong community that supports them, and each other in a positive way. I will continue to work towards this goal to benefits ALL authors.

My Solution

Through education of the publishing process and finding ways that improve the process for all parties involved, but with the goal to help make sure published authors are treated fairly and honorably. Thus, my goal of revolution within the publishing world in a positive way will cause strife for a few. But, those that embrace the challenge and desire the change will see a more workable relationship between all parties. My work will not be easy, but the positive change for the world will be more then worth it.

B. Alan Bourgeois has been writing for 30 years in a wide variety of genre’s and styles. He has won numerous awards for short stories, books and speaking during his career. All of this has led him to become one of the leading author advocates for Indie Authors in the past 7 years. This includes nonprofits and other organizations that have spot lighted Texas Authors and moved them into the category and recognition of traditionally published authors from New York, Chicago and the West Coast.

Through the years he continues to create programs and events that have gained recognition across the country and in many cases are now being copied in local areas. Yet, as he will tell you his greatest work is still to come with the publication of two books; “Authors Revolution” and “I’m Crazy Great” scheduled for release in 2019.

Through both of these books, he will show authors how to regain their control and financial wealth as writers, while also inspiring people from around the world to stay true to their dreams when it means helping others, even at your own cost. For more information about Alan and his various projects, please feel free to review his website for the details.

Empowering people to Live a more positive life has always been my goal.

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About BMC

Bourgeois Media & Consulting began as a full service publishing house and has grown into the leading advocate for authors.  Through the leadership of B Alan Bourgeois, BMC has been instrumental in creating new programs that benefit Texas Authors and has moved into the international publishing world slowly and quietly.