Many in the creative arts just want to create and let someone else do the marketing and promotion of their work. That’s great if you have an unlimited cash flow. There are a lot of people out there that will gladly take your money and milk you for everything you have. Some are professional and worth their money, some are not.

No matter what your creative art is, you are most likely like many other people in the world living day by day, pay check to pay check, or you may have some money set aside to use for promotion of your creation. To help you along the path of marketing and promotion, one must have a plan.

Creating a plan however, is just part of the objective to success. The biggest obstacle that most humans face is themselves. We stand in our own way to success for a number of thoughts and patterns. Each one is valid for its own reason, but if we don’t step out of the way, we will never succeed.

BMC is not a ‘life coach’, he is just someone who has been on a path very similar to yours. He can see the big picture and knows that it is valid and obtainable, but he has at times, forgotten to look down and see that he is blocking his own path. One step at a time is required, but understanding why those steps are not being taken is just as critical as understanding how to reach his goal.

Humans are our worst enemy when it comes to success and achieving our life purpose. Bourgeois' book coming out in 2018 I’m Crazy Great is about his own journey to success that continues even today. It is not about someone who reach 'God' status, or a super human, but about a regular guy that is forced to deal with life and what decisions he makes. 

Reaching your full potential is an ever-changing path, one that can be meet with joy or fear. The choice is yours. Create a Plan that works for you and helps you get out of your own way.