Many authors feel that if they get a ‘traditional’ publishing contract that they will begin to flow in the money. While many have seen that happen, most have not. In addition, just because you publish a book, does not mean people will buy it.

BMC is about helping authors to realize their creative inspiration. In many cases that may be by publishing a book, or any other form of the creative arts. Getting the book or project done, in no way guarantees that it will be purchased, seen or read. You must begin the process of education the world, or your local area to know that your creative work exists and is available for purchase, viewing or reading. This is where most in the creative arts fail. The either choose to ignore this, or don’t want to be bothered with it.

The evil word: Marketing. It doesn’t have to be evil and it can turn into something fun and creative. After all, most in the creative arts know how to be creative, so by applying this to marketing, they can make it as unique to them as their creative idea is. No longer does one have to dread it, they can now embrace it and have fun with it.

Bourgeois has spent years helping people to think of different ways of marketing themselves or their books. Some ideas may work for some people and not for others. No matter what your style is, stay true to it and use what you learn from BMC.

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