Sky is the Limit is a statement that means there is no limit to achieving your goals and desires. However, there is and it is based on how hard you work, or what your education level is and finally YOUR TRUE DESIRE.

BMC is about helping people/authors to reach their limits by empowering them with knowledge and understanding. Everything that Bourgeois has learned over his life time is shared with authors in a variety of ways. What a person does with this knowledge is up to them. Bourgeois never forces anyone to take his advice and forces them to do it. It’s about choice for every single one of us.

Bourgeois is in no way perfect, in fact, he chooses to not be perfect as he learns and grows from his imperfection. This imperfection can then help others to learn from his mistakes and make their path an smoother one if they so choose.

What is shared on this website is meant to help one on their path to publication, or to a better understanding of who they are and what they want to achieve. This is his spark, his desire and guiding light. To help those who want the help.

You are welcome to respond to items you see in this website that may challenge you. But, please be respectful with your comments and questions. There is enough hate in the world to last us too many generations. Feel free to email Bourgeois at