Below are some Additional Expenses the Author will face, and choose to add to their sell ability of their book.  All figures are based on an annual survey taken by Texas Authors, Inc., by its membership.  These figures reflex the 2017 Survey Results.

Author Cost Sheet - Additional Costs Figures          
Based on a 350 page paperback book - B&W only            
Avg Number of books sold per year by Texas Authors is 587        
Avg Retail price per paperback is $15.67 by Texas Author          
Standard Bookstore Sales Commission 40% 6.29   6.29   6.29
Book Store Commissions based on 587 sold    $   3,692.23    $   3,692.23    $   3,692.23
Printing Distribution Commission   55% 8.62   8.62   8.62
Distributor Commission based on 587 sold    $   5,060.00    $   5,060.00    $   5,060.00
eBook Creation       100   300   500
eBook Sales Commission       40%   45%   50%
Audio Book Creation       1000   2250   3500
Audio Book Commissions       40%   45%   50%


To make money from YOUR book, it's about how many you sell. The same concept applies to bookstores. Can they sell enough books to warrent the shelf space, storage and general employee costs to warrent sales? An Author MUST consider these factors when they choose to publish a book.

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